Improved Static Eliminators!

EXAIR's re-engineered static eliminators neutralise charges 40% more quickly! The NEW GEN4 Static Eliminators are the fast way to blow away static and dust! They neutralise and clean at distances up to 6.1m (20 feet) and are ideal for hard to reach places, obstructed surfaces, product moving at high speeds, and surfaces with an extremely high charge. They are available with a NEW Gen4 Power Supply that has a selectable voltage (115VAC or 230VAC).

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Upgrade To Efficient Super Air Nozzles And Safety Air Guns

Here's a simple solution to reduce excessive air consumption and noise level on compressed air blowoff operations. EXAIR Super Air Nozzles and Safety Air Guns produce outlet flows up to 25 times their compressed air consumption using a small amount of compressed air as the power source. They pay for themselves in weeks!
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Low Cost Way To Convey

Low Cost Way To Convey!

Line Vac Air Operated Conveyors are a low cost way to convey parts, materials, waste - with no moving parts! Line Vac connects to standard hose or tube and features large throat diameters for maximum throughput capacity. (11) sizes in aluminium and (10) stainless steel models are suited to a wide variety of transfer applications. High Temperature and Hardened Alloy Construction is available.

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Buy A Vac That Lasts!

Do you get tired of buying electrical vacs only to have them fail a short time after you purchase them? EXAIR Vacuums are compressed air powered and have no moving parts to wear out!


The Chip Vac is ideal for vacuuming chips from machines, fixtures and floors. >>Video


The Reversible Drum Vac vacuums liquids into a drum and pumps it back out! >>Video


The Heavy Duty Dry Vac is ideal for abrasives and for faster vacuuming rates. >>More


The Heavy Duty HEPA Vac provides high capacity cleaning for dusty environments.>>More


Save Air When You Supply The Appropriate Pressure To Air Tools

The ToolReg® regulator is an independent piston regulator that can be mounted on any pneumatic tool or installed in every compressed air system. It supplies a constant, exact outlet pressure regardless of the input pressure. The residual pressure in the tool is relieved when it is removed from the compressed air supply line, preventing unintentional actuation of the tool with disastrous consequences.


EXAIR Corporation manufactures a variety of industrial products for cooling, cleaning, blowoff, industrial housekeeping, conveying and static elimination. Click to view EXAIR products

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Protect-Air® products help companies comply with the stringent Australian Workplace Health and Safety Act directives (including ISO, OSHA, and others) that apply to compressed air powered equipment. Their products protect your employees, machinery and equipment as well as increase efficiency and assure cost saving production. Click here to view Protect-Air Products.


Pipetite is the latest in sealing technology for use in wall and ceiling penetrations. Pipetite can seal a connection while allowing for significant movement of the pipe. Click to view Pipetite products

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