EXAIR Australia

EXAIR Corporation manufactures a variety of industrial products for cooling, cleaning, blowoff, industrial housekeeping, conveying and static elimination. Compressed Air Australia is EXAIR’s master distributor for Australia.

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Optimization AirKnife AirWipes AirAmplifiers AirNozzles
Optimization Air Knife Air Wipes Air Amplifiers Air Nozzles
StaticEliminators VacuumGenerators AirOperatedConveyors IndustrialHousekeeping VortexTubesandSpotCooling
Static Eliminators Vacuum
Air Operated
Vortex Tubes
and Spot Cooling
CabinetCoolers Accessories ColdGuns SafetyAirGuns atomsprayhomebutton
Cabinet Coolers Accessories Cold Guns Safety Air Guns Liquid 
Atomizing Nozzles
Compressed Air Australia

GPO Box 2792, Darwin,
Northern Territory 0801, Australia
Tel: +61 8 8983 3999
Fax: +61 8 8983 3900