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Sabroll Leaf Nutrient

For lush garden and indoor plants

With fully chelated trace elements

  • Adds high gloss for maximum photosynthesis
  • Contains all essential micronutrients in pure organic form
  • Drought-proof plants by reducing water dependency
  • Protects plants against disease and pest attack
  • Encourages strong root growth


  • Provides plants with very high glucose & protein content
  • Contains all essential micronutrients in pure organic form, which are immediately available to plants
  • Eliminates need for potentially detrimental chemicals, pesticides or herbicides
  • Counter-balances any trace deficiencies


  • Easy to mix & apply when watering, plus drought-proofs plants by reducing water dependency
  • Builds cellulose fibres & lignin fractions (strength)
  • Renews the chlorophyll molecular bonds (carbohydrates or sugar, & colour)
  • Adds high gloss to foliage for maximum photosynthesis (solar energy, starch content)
  • Thickens up plants & hedges
  • Encourages translocation of root systems, even in heavy soils
  • Encourages the cationic exchange process, with the root system seeking out and utilising mineral elements within the soil

Directions for Use:

  • Mix 5mls of Sabroll Leaf Nutrient Concentrate with 1 litre of water. Mist spray ‘mix’ onto foliar growth from a distance of 60 - 100mm, using small or large droplet sizes.
  • For maximum photosynthesis, apply early morning.
  • Repeat application only as needed throughout year.


Sabroll Leaf Nutrient MSDS

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