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Sabroll Septic Control

Commercial Grade

  • Eliminates odour
  • Improves digestion in septic system
  • Decreases turbidity
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Will not corrode or erode plumbing


  • Easy & safe to apply
  • This product will replace chlorine in biocycle systems (the use of chlorine hinders microbial degradation)
  • This product works immediately
  • Decreases need for pumping out septic system
  • Will not corrode or erode plumbing


  • Controls odour by banishing volatile organic acids
  • Aids & greatly improves digestion in the septic system
  • Decreases turbidity (indicates pathogen & harmful bacteria removal) resulting in clear, safe water

Sabroll Septic Control is not an acid based product. It is based on an organic fermented formula combined with soluble technical grade nutrient sources and organic compounds in chelated form. These elements act as a high energy food source to nourish beneficial microorganisms and increase their activity within your septic system.

Directions for Use:

  • To seed a new septic system, flush 2 litres of Sabroll Septic Control down toilet system in 1 litre lots a day or two apart.
  • For established septic system, initially pour 500mls of Sabroll Septic Control concentrate into toilet and flush through system to eliminate odour and rapidly break down waste.
  • For ongoing maintenance, pour in 100mls as needed.
  • For grey water treatment, pour 50mls into sink or tank.
  • Again, apply treatment only as needed.

Note: The amount of product required for your septic system will vary from household to household due to such factors as:

  • variations in septic design
  • age of system
  • size of household
  • medicinal use of occupants
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