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Tool Reg. Pressure regulator that ensures constant output pressure with integrated automatic secondary pressure relief (preventing uninetnional actuation of the tool).



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In-Line Preset Regulator with automatic secondary pressure relief.

The ToolReg® regulator is an independent piston regulator that can be mounted on any pneumatic tool or installed in every compressed air system. It supplies a constant, exact outlet pressure regardless of the input pressure. The pressure is factory set and cannot be changed. The ToolReg® prevents “dynamic pressure waste“. This arises when the pressure and flow at the withdrawal point are unnecessarily higher than those specified by the manufacturer to achieve the desired function. “Dynamic pressure waste” is extremely costly, a waste of energy that may be found throughout industry.

For pneumatic tools the ToolReg® must be mounted directly on the tool in order to ensure correct pressure, so that possible pressure drops in hoses, tubes etc. do not influence the pressure on the tool itself.

Furthermore, the residual pressure in the tool is relieved when it is removed from the compressed air supply line, preventing unintentional actuation of the tool with disastrous consequences.

Preset regulators are an economical path to achieve the ideal pressure in the tool.

Worth Knowing!

  • The ideal pressure for pneumatic tools is generally 6.3 BAR (90 psi)
  • Every BAR (15psi) of excess pressure essentially wastes 10% of the energy
  • For safety reasons, pneumatic guns should not be operated at pressures exceeding 2 BAR (30 psi)
  • The expense for energy amounts to 80 – 90% of the cost required to produce compressed air.
  • Around 10 KW of electrical energy is required to generate 1 KW of mechanical energy from compressed air
  • Use of preset regulators is an economical way to maintain ideal working pressure in the tool


  • Automatic secondary pressure relief
  • Protection guaranteed – no residual pressure in the tool
  • High flow performance (0 – 3.000 LPM / 0 – 105 CFM)
  • High pressure performance
    (P1 – inlet pressure up to 25 BAR / 355 PSI)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Supplies tools exclusively with the specified pressure
  • No pressure gauge needed
  • Prevents compressed air waste
  • Saves energy – reduces costs
  • Highly reliable
  • Locked to prevent pressure change - tamper proof
  • Lightweight - small and compact size
  • Increases tool service life


  • In situations where small amounts of compressed air are required,
    but the pressure and flow must be stringently regulated
  • Pneumatic tools - in particular nailers, tackers etc.
  • Furniture, construction and precision engineering trades
  • Piping and compressed air systems
  • Compressed air used in automation for actuation
  • Control, feeding or transportation
  • Pick and place units in automatic assembly systems

Installation Examples



ToolReg In-Line Preset Regulators

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