Fluid Regulators: The water regulator ensures a constant and precise output pressure independent from the input pressure.

In-line Fluid Regulators


fluid regulator


The fluid regulator is an independent membrane regulator that can be installed in every compressed air and fluid system. It supplies a constant, exact outlet pressure regardless of the input pressure. The pressure is factory set and cannot be changed. This ensures that nobody can alter the specified pressure.

It is well known that the pressure of a water line normally is too high, fluctuates, and varies according to the height of the building. The FluidReg® in-line water regulator protects all equipment and components placed after it, ensuring they only receive the correct pressure. This is particularly important for all machinery/plant for dosing of liquids, helping to avoid expensive production downtime. more »

Ecoreg Fluid Regulator


EcoReg® – Fluid regulator for drinking water, other liquids, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, etc. made of the lead-free brass material Ecobrass/Cuphin® Ideal for critical application areas such as drinking water, food industry, medical industry, etc. Conforms to the DIN 50930-6/FDA/EU drinking water directives and other regulations.

The use of lead-free materials is growing in importance – in particular as an alternative material for drinking water applications, where health standards are high. As an alternative material to conventional brass, Protect-Air offers a fluid regulator made of a lead-free brass material – Ecobrass®  (trade name CUPHIN®).more »

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