Inventory Reduction Sale - Hurry! While Supplies Last!

Now is the best time to take advantage of some of our overstock items where we need to clear the way for new inventory. The static eliminators shown below are being offered at deeply discounted prices. Once our surplus is down to normal inventory levels, these low prices are gone! Please call to check price and order today! Contact Compressed Air Australia at: 1300 787 688 

Ion Air Cannon Bottles The Ion Air Cannon neutralises static electricity and cleans at distances up to 4.6m  (15 feet) with no moving parts. It is ideal for those hard to reach spaces or confined areas that require a concentrated flow of static eliminating ions. >>More

EXAIR's Super Ion Air Wipe provides a uniform 360° ionised airstream that is easy to clamp around a part for eliminating static electricity and contaminants. It is ideal for use on pipe, cable, extruded shapes, hose, wire and more. >>More

Ion Air Jet
EXAIR's Ion Air Jet delivers a concentrated airflow that can cover a precise spot without disturbing other areas. The Ion Air Jet is the ideal way to remove static and dust from small parts prior to shrink wrapping, packaging, printing, painting or finishing. >>More

For applications where frequent repositioning is required, the flexible Stay Set Ion Air Jet is ideal. This version can be placed in close proximity and the hose bent to aim the ionised airstream at the localized area. >>More
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