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Air Nozzles & Safety Air Guns from EXAIR

A simple solution to reduce excessive air consumption and noise level on compressed air blowoff operations. EXAIR Air Nozzles and Jets produce outlet flows up to 25 times compressed air consumption using a small amount of compressed air as the power source. playicon

Cabinet Cooler® Systems Video

CE Compliant Cabinet Cooler Systems from EXAIR

EXAIR Cabinet Coolers are a low cost, reliable way to cool and purge electronic control panels. EXAIR Cabinet Coolers incorporate a vortex tube to produce cold air from compressed air - with no moving parts. The compact Cabinet Cooler can be installed in minutes through a standard electrical knockout. NEMA 12, 4 and 4X Cabinet Coolers that match the NEMA rating of the enclosure are available in many cooling capacities for large and small control panels. playicon


Super Air Knife from EXAIR

EXAIR's Super Air Knife is the latest generation of air knife that dramatically reduces compressed air usage and noise when compared to other blowoffs. The Super Air Knife offers a more efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. It delivers a uniform sheet of laminar airflow across the entire length with hard-hitting force. playicon

Static Eliminators Video

Static Elimination by EXAIR

A new technology solution to the old problem of static build-up. EXAIR Static Eliminators maximise ionised airflow while minimising compressed air consumption. A small amount of compressed air is used to entrain a high volume of surrounding air. This combined stream is ionised by an emitter point (or points) and delivered to the charged surface. Static is neutralised from distances up to 20 feet (6.1m) away. Thus, EXAIR Static Eliminators work effectivly in spite of obstructions, three dimensional configurations, web "rippling", etc. playicon

Porous vs. Non-Pourous E-Vac® Vacuum Generators Video

E-Vac Vacuum Generator from EXAIR

E-Vac compressed air powered vacuum pumps provide instantaneous response and are most commonly used for pick and place operations. These single stage vacuum pumps are a low cost venturi available in a variety of sizes and flows along with a selection of suction cups suitable for a wide range of applications. Models for porous and non-porous applications are available. This video can help to select the appropriate style for your applicaiton. playicon

Reversible Drum Vac Video

Reversible Drum Vac from EXAIR

EXAIR's compressed air operated Reversible Drum Vac System attaches quickly to any closed head 30 or 55 gallon (45 imperial gallon/205 liter) drum. Its high powered vacuum fills the drum in less than two minutes. With the simple turn of a knob, the same stainless steel pump quickly empties the drum. Coolant sumps can be easily refilled, floor spills vacuumed, or contaminated liquids transferred to filtration tanks in minutes. The flow rate in and out of the drum can be controlled with the knob, making it ideal for dispensing liquids. playicon

Chip Vac Video

Chip Vac from EXAIR

EXAIR's Chip Vac picks up dry or wet chips and delivers them directly to an ordinary 55 gallon open-top (45 imperial gallon/205 liter) drum. The Chip Vac is used to clean chips from fixtures, floors and work surfaces of machining centers, lathes, saws, mills and other industrial equipment. The powerful suction is ideal for fast and efficient cleaning. playicon

Chip Trapper™ Video

Chip Trapper from EXAIR

The new Chip Trapper (patent pending) offers a fast, easy way to clean chips, swarf and shavings out of used coolants and other liquids. The Chip Trapper vacuums the coolant or liquid that is filled with debris and traps all the solids in a reusable filter bag. Only the liquid pumps back out. It is ideal for use on machines with sumps, parts washers, tanks and storage containers of contaminated liquids. playicon

Cold Gun Aircoolant System™ Video

Cold Gun Aircoolant System by EXAIR

EXAIR’s Cold Gun makes it possible to replace messy mist systems and improve dry machining operations using clean, cold air! It’s a new solution to an old problem. Heat build up on dry machining operations reduces tool life and machining rates. The Cold Gun Aircoolant System produces a stream of clean, cold air at 50°F (28°C) below supply air temperature. Operation is quiet and there are no moving parts to wear out. It will remove heat to prolong tool life and increase productivity on machining operations when liquid coolants cannot be used. playicon

Line Vac™ Air Conveyors Video

Line Vac Air Operated Conveyors by EXAIR

EXAIR's compressed air operated Line Vac connects to standard hose or tube to create a powerful in-line conveyor. The compact design features large throat diameters for maximum throughput capacity. Eleven sizes in aluminium and ten sizes in stainless steel are suited to a wide variety of transfer applications. playicon


HoseGuard Air Fuse from PROTECT-AIR®

The HoseGuard offers simple but efficient protections to pneumatic systems in the event of a broken compressedair hose or pipe. The air supply is immediately shut off by the HoseGuard,should the volume of air exceed a set value.


Safety Products from PROTECT-AIR®

Compressed air and the tools powered by it can pose a series of hazards and safety considerations. The Australian Workplace Health and Safety Act requires companies to provide protection for compressed air powered equipment. Protect-Air products protect your employees, machinery and equipment as well as increase efficiency and assure cost saving production.


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